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Here is my placeholder page for any old friends looking to re-establish contact. Enough information on M.Grandis that anybody who has known me will know that its me but not enough to be useful to the Phishers...

M.Grandis Welcomes You

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Just added a bunch of videos to my youtube account.

Ok so here are some key ideas -

Ringmer CS School. Priory School. Glyndebourne. Eastbourne. Godshill, Lewes Bonfire (Cliffe), Isle of Wight. Ewbanks. Singer Link Miles. Webmaster, NFi. Solent Energy. Space Kichens, the Celts, Island Raiders, Wolfguard, Isle of Wight, Tactus, Polyflex, Ogri. The Vike. NFPS. London Bus. Postcode N22. Age 45-55.

A very special Keyword is ma98gr76is54xxx32olm10 which is a unique search key to finding this page and a good way of avoiding problems with some sites that dont like you communicating email addresses or URL's ;-)

Some Relatives and Friends of Malcolm G Grandis

Sue Grandis, Siobhan Rhianna Grandis, Siobhan Grandis, Benjamin Samuel Grandis, Ben Grandis, Richard Grandis, Betty Grandis, Amanda Quarless, Carole Ore, Radanat Singchai, Mark Fairbourne, Joseanne Machado, Colin Haffenden, Chris Beadell, Greg Revett, Simon Lewis, Suzanne Younghusband, Barrie Stillwell, Brian Stillwell, Maria Bland and the crowd from the Wheel in Hailsham, Marc W Younghusband, Sue Pragnell

Thanks to Simon Lewis, Richard Payne, Alice, Colin Burtenshaw and Amanda Quarless for getting in touch with me - Malcolm Grandis!

Malcolm G Grandis

My email address is - and this has been malcolm grandis's email address for the last 14 years or so. My Facebook page is here - Malcolm Grandis on Facebook. Get in touch!

Malcolm Grandis's old contact page (from before he was rich enough to own this one) is here Malcolm G Grandis

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